About Computer Upgrading Specialists

CUS is a people sourcing company. We've been helping our clients with their IT needs for over 25 years. Whether it's full-scale project planning and management, or simply the right people to make their projects successful, CUS is positioned to help.

How we got here

CUS is a people sourcing company. Founded in 1989 we initially provided short term entry to mid- level technical resources for medium to large enterprises, including Hardware Technical Services, Service and Help Desk, Desk Side and Network Management Support.

In 1995 we successfully participated in a major hardware and software refresh for a large Oil & Gas company of close to 10,000 systems, deploying up to 75 technicians over a span of 9 months. While major refresh projects became the staple of our business going forward, the quality of our technicians became the hallmark of our success - so much so that our clients continually expressed interest in hiring our now proven, experienced and client knowledgeable technicians to permanent positions within their organization.

Computer Upgrading Specialists chose to depart from the traditional human resource model and recognize the added value we could provide our clients and our technicians by "promoting" them to be hired by our clients.

And thus evolved our successful model which continues to grow and prosper for over 25 years.

Our clients value our ability to provide scalable, large teams of technicians to complete their refresh projects quickly; and then easily incorporate however many of these technicians they wish to hire into their enterprise permanently, as already trained and screened new hires.

Our technicians value the experience and employment they receive from our projects, and the career path we promote them to - resulting in permanent positions in large scale enterprises with unlimited growth and opportunities in virtually every discipline of the IT industry.

Read how some of our technicians have advanced their careers by satisfying our client needs.

Why we're different

CUS focuses its investment on its people and their careers. To the extent that we actually promote our clients to hire our technicians post project, our technicians have a clear understanding that their career path depends on complete client satisfaction. Our sales, management and administration is efficient and streamlined - so that our expenditures remain concentrated on the compensation and support of our people, while allowing for our rates to remain among the most competitive in the industry.

Why we do it

Over the years, our unique model has provided permanent employment to over 775 technicians who are now building their careers with our clients. Our model goes beyond meeting the immediate requirements of a successful large scale refresh deployment project and by-passes the traditional and expensive human resource model by providing our clients with handpicked, experienced, trained and proven PERMANENT technicians that thrive in our clients IT departments.

Our strategy represents a fundamental significant contribution to resourcing in the IT industry, and we are privileged and proud to be able to offer this service, for over 25 years.

Why we are good at it

We are good at it because our focus is specific, and yet continually refined. Simply, we direct our efforts to finding the best people - who are attracted to us by our ability to offer them their most promising career path.

Over the years, several of our clients have had us perform over a half dozen of their refresh deployments. We know their environments and requirements, and more importantly their people; and the kind of technicians that fit their technical and cultural needs.