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CUS is a people sourcing company. We've been helping our clients with their IT needs for over 25 years. Whether it's simply the right people to complement your teams or full-scale project planning and management, CUS is positioned to help. Our model ensures we have the highest quality technicians at the most competitive rates in the industry, and we promote them to be hired by our clients post-engagement complimentary. Their career path is vested in satisfying you.

What we offer

CUS can provide the technicians you require to perform your upgrades at Head Office and your branch and field offices throughout Alberta and across the country. We have ramped up to 75 technicians within a few weeks, completing installations of over 10,000 systems across the province inside of 9 months.

Our strength is providing large teams of technicians to complete your project efficiently. We can also complement your teams with the higher level resources you may require including: Project Managers, Architects, Designers, Team Leads, Administrative Performance and Compliance Tracking, etc.

Scalable and flexible, during work hours, or after hours and weekends. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco. Microsoft, Citrix, VM Ware etc. You name it, we've done it. We've assisted several clients from Microsoft Windows 3.1 through 96, XP, 7 and beyond.

CUS will come along side your resources or provide Testing, Piloting, Deployment Schedule, Client Documentation, Training and System Inventory Management - we have participated and can assist with all of it.

Certified, pre-screened, pre-qualified experienced technicians available as back fill, part-time, or full-time to complement your teams and provide the backup you need at head office and throughout the province.